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2023-24 WEHS Choir Placements

You have done an AMAZING job during this year of TRAILBLAZING and should be PROUD of yourselves. Guest judges had a BIG job! Your class participation was STRONG and you did so WELL. Please be PROUD of your placement and your advancements and give ACCOLADES to others.

Please contact us if you see an error or if you are needing additional clarification about placement. We are MORE than happy to talk with you, but respectfully ask that you wait 24 hours before contacting us.

These placements have been determined based on the following criteria and point system:

1) WEHS Choral Leadership/Audition Form

2) WEHS Choral Registration Form 3) Sight-Reading Levels 1-6 (student-chosen level) 4) UIL Demonstration

5) Written & Aural Skills Test

6) Teacher Recommendation, Choral/Campus Engagement (for students outside the current WEHS choral program with interest in advancement)

7) Completion of Range Demonstration

8) For Out of the Blue and Blue Horizon Placement all the previous were added in addition to guest judge audition scores from live auditions.

Vocal parts listed are subject to change. Please don’t stress about specific voice part placements. We will work with you on getting you in the right part based on your range changes for 2023-24. Be sure to scroll to the very end for student leader info!

NOTE; If you were selected for A Cappella Choir, you are required to attend the All-State Camp on July 25-27 from 8:30am-12pm at Rowlett HS as part of your commitment to auditioning for the Texas All-State Choir in the fall.

We celebrate our Trailblazing Year one LAST time in CELEBRATION of our 2023-24 choirs!



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