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  • How much does being in choir cost? Is any financial need available for low-income students?
    Choir is one of the least expensive activities on campus. We collect a $90 choir fee that lasts for the whole year and includes all of the things needed for the year, including uniform rental, dry cleaning, music, binder, materials, social events, t-shirt, some travel costs, and more. Finances should never keep a student from participating in choir and we have ways to be able to help any and all students in need. Optional events such as choir tours, contest entry fees, etc. do cost extra, but our Raider Area Choir Booster Club offers scholarship opportunities for students in need!
  • What are the outside time commitments for being in choir?
    There are very few outside of school events that are required of all students. There are generally five evening concerts throughout the year and all other events either are optional or occur during the school day. We are adamant about setting a strong calendar for the year and sticking to it, so parents and families can plan their events.
  • Do the choir programs travel?
    Raider Choirs travel throughout the Metroplex each year and ALL CHOIRS are welcome on our annual choir tour, which operates on a three-year rotation. Past trips have included Branson, Houston/Galveston, Colorado, London, England, and San Antonio. The rotation is as follows (location announcements occur in January each year). 2023-2024: Medium Tour - Florida 2024-2025: Large Tour (generally international travel) - TBD 2025-2026: Small Tour - TBD 2026-2027: Medium Tour - TBD 2027-2028: Large Tour (generally international travel) - TBD
  • How can I best prepare for high school choir events over the summer?
    Choir is a "choose your own adventure" kind of event. There is nothing you need to do over the summer except enjoy singing! If you are interested in individual contests like All-Region/All-State, there are summer camps at colleges and universities you can attend, plus we have our back-to-school brush up camp at the end of July. More information will be shared with students and parents as those events near.
  • As a parent, how can I be involved in volunteering?
    The Raider Area Choir Booster Club is an active organization that supports all choir students through scholarships, meals, and organization of events. For more information, please see the Raider Area Choir Booster Club page on this website.
  • What kind of leadership opportunities are available?
    The Wylie East Choir Council is comprised of students from every choir on campus. We have a president that serves as the overall leader of the program (12th grader), a vice-president who is the leader for their choir, as well as other positions that can be from any student in choir: secretary, facilities manager and assistant, historian, chaplain, librarian, and uniform manager. Choir elections take place in May and August.
  • How do I participate in competitive events like All-Region/All-State or Solo & Ensemble?
    As we get closer to these events, directors will send information on how to enter. These are incredible opportunities for you to grow, make new friends, and push yourself to the next level. There are even college scholarships available for those that make the All-State Choir!
  • What choirs are available to me as a ninth grader?
    Ninth grade students will be placed in one of four choirs, based on voice type and ability. Our beginning choirs are Concert Tenor-Bass and Concert Treble Choir, and our intermediate choirs are Select Tenor-Bass and Select Treble. Placement in a select ensemble requires a choir placement with a choral director in the spring. More information will be shared with students through Google Classroom and/or their junior high choral director.
  • How can I be a part of one of the pop/show choirs (Out of the Blue or Blue Horizon)?
    Pop/show choirs are open to 10th-12th graders by audition. Students must be enrolled in a regular choir class and in show choir to be a part of the group, so they will need 2 elective spots. Auditions occur in the spring each year. Students can elect to take the course as a PE credit if needed.
  • I've never been in choir before but I would like to join! What do I do?
    We are thrilled you are considering joining! Email a director with any questions you might have or talk to any of our 375+ students. We want you to feel welcome! We have MANY students that join choir for the first time in high school and love it.
  • Is it true that I can earn a PE credit through choir?
    Yes, participation in show choir can earn you a PE credit!
  • Do you have more information on summer school/distance learning courses that are available so I can have more room in my schedule?
    Our WEHS counselors are amazing and can help you with any questions on summer school. Our students have found these classes to be very accessible and have loved having more elective opportunities through enrollment. Check out the counselor page at
  • Do I have to be a fine arts endorsement to be in choir?
    Not at all! We have students in practically every endorsement on campus. Colleges don't actually care about your endorsement and it doesn't even show on your transcript. It's only about a "through path" so many of our students who go on to major in other things but are in choir for four years end up selecting fine arts/choir as endorsement but still study pursuits in the sciences, math, English, etc.
  • How do choir placements work, when do they happen, and when are the results posted?
    Choir placements are NOTHING to be stressed over. They consist of a conversation, a range check, and a short music literacy check! They occur in the spring and more information will be shared by the choral directors as events near. Results are posted the last week of school.
  • What happens in a typical day in choir?
    A typical day in choir is a lot of energy and a lot of fun! Typically, we start the rehearsal by coming together as a team, breathing and stretching together, centering our mind at the task at hand, and beginning vocal warm-up. We follow by sight-reading, and then working music selections as we prepare for concerts. Many days, we have really fun and engaging activities that help you to make friends, laugh, and leave choir smiling!
  • What is the choir program like?
    Our students have described choir as a family-like atmosphere where they can relax, take their stress away, make and experience music together, and make friends that last them a lifetime. And we want YOU! Hear from the words of our students: Madison Bazaldua, Education Endorsement, Class of 2023 (4 Years of WEHS Choir) "Being a part of the choir family has transformed my high school experience for the better. The people we reach with our music, especially on the A Cappella tour and our yearly choir trips, warms my heart every time and makes me feel like I am truly making a difference. I have had so many once in a lifetime opportunities within the choir family such as going to London and singing with a London youth chorus in Cadogan Hall." Olivia Kewley, Fine Arts Endorsement, Class of 2025 (Joined Choir in 10th Grade) "I’m so grateful for being part of this amazing choir family because it has truly helped me grow as a person! Though this is my first year in joining, I’ve had loads of fun and made a bunch of friends. I believe we can all collectively say how proud we are of the hard work, dedication, and progress we’ve made this year in songs we have mastered and concerts produced through out the year! I can’t wait to see the wonderful things next year has in store for the Wylie East choir family." Zac Pierce, Fine Arts Endorsement, Class of 2023 (4 Years of WEHS Choir) "It gives me a place at school to go and be myself and have fun. It also is a place that does not judge anyone and is quiet whenever you need a place to think or relax." Aleena Dathan, Public Service Endorsement, Class of 2027 (1 Year of WEHS Choir) "I'm so glad to be apart of our choir family this year because it is such a great way to learn more about what I love: Music! Choir has been such a safe space for me to really dive into my passion and to make friends along the way! Not only has choir taught me music, but also about ambition, drive, encouragement, the importance of positivity and so much more! If you love music and love a positive and loving space, join choir! You are amazing and we will always be there to bring you back up and lead you through your ups and downs! You got this! W.E love you! :))))"


Student Testimonials

We asked our choir students:  "If you were talking to an 8th grader who doesn't think they can sing in choir AND do another activity, what would you tell them about our program?"

Here are some answers!

Megan Turner: "Making the decision to continue choir in high school was one of the best decisions of my life. Throughout all the obstacles and hard times in my life, choir is always a place where I feel surrounded with love, comfort, and peace. High school can become very challenging and makes you question your self worth at times, but while in choir, it makes all those feelings go away. It is totally possible to do choir while doing other things you're passionate about as well. My freshman year I was in volleyball, fellowship christian athletes club, and choir. This year I was involved in our musical, I am in leo club, fellowship christian athletes, dance club, and taking two choir classes! You got this!"

Jocelyn Cortez: "It's always possible to find ways to fit in all of the electives you want. There is always a way to make choir fit into your schedule, even if you have a million other hobbies."

Sofia Dean: "When it comes to several activities in school, the coaches and directors are willing to talk so you wont be at fault for missing either activity. the pressure to balance sports and extracurriculars wont be just on you. There's several people to help along the way and I can confidently say that doing sports and choir at the same time was definitely worth it."

Henry Walker: "While choir is an amazing opportunity to be super involved in something amazing, it also presents a unique opportunity no other club on campus can: enrolled in a choir class, you can come in one period a day and sacrifice minimal time outside of school to be a part of something magical and life-changing. Wylie East Choir is open to anyone and everyone, even if all you can spare is a class period. We want you." 

Fin Woolery: "Choir does not require very much time outside of class unless one is willing to go above and beyond- very rarely does an event for choir conflict with another organization."

Miriam Stone: "False. Choir makes it so easy to be involved in a variety of other activities, they help make a schedule that will work for you. If Choir is not your #1 priority that is okay! It doesn't have to be, but if you enjoy singing then sing with us because it is 100% possible. Highschool takes much balance and time management, believe me I know, but I have never been afraid to ask the Dames about a scheduling conflict or a flexible schedule. "

Lola Kinsey: "Choir is such a warm and inviting community for anyone who wants to join. The teachers are incredibly supportive and they'll go above and beyond to help you succeed in anything you set your mind to. They'll guide you along your journey and provide all the resources you need. Plus, the choir members are so friendly and welcoming! It's like being part of a big musical family. You'll feel right at home! "

Olivia Green: "You’re totally able to do so! Being involved in high school is all about time management. As long as you maintain your grades and clubs you should be perfectly fine! P.S service looks good on college applications :)"

Levi Young: "I would say that they can still sing and be a part of a choir because choir is actually one of the least time-consuming classes with some of the best experiences that you can get."

Damian Lopez: "you can never know unless you try trust me you will love it and never wanna leave"

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