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Ms. Hannah Kilpatrick, Private Vocal Instructor, Wylie East HS & Burnett JH

Hannah Kilpatrick is a passionate and dedicated private voice teacher with a rich background in vocal performance and education. She holds a Master of Music in Opera Performance and a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Oklahoma City University.


Ms. Kilpatrick's teaching philosophy centers on building strong, trusting relationships with her students, providing a safe space for them to explore their abilities, grow confidently, and learn from their mistakes. With extensive experience in both classical and contemporary vocal techniques, she tailors her lessons to meet the individual needs and goals of each student.


In addition to her private teaching, Ms. Kilpatrick has performed in various operas, recitals, and musical theatre productions, bringing a wealth of real-world experience to her instruction. She is dedicated to helping her students develop their vocal skills, stage presence, and musicality, ensuring they reach their fullest potential.


Whether you are a beginner looking to discover your voice or an advanced singer aiming to refine your technique, Ms. Kilpatrick provides personalized, high-quality vocal instruction to help you achieve your musical goals.

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