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Ms. Toni Richardson, Private Vocal Instructor, Burnett & Harrison

Toni Richardson is a singer and voice teacher based in DFW. She earned a dual Master of Music degree in Vocal Pedagogy and Vocal Performance from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. During her time at Belmont, she studied with specialists at the Vanderbilt Voice Center about vocal health, the pediatric voice, and contemporary commercial music techniques.


Toni is passionate about healthy singing and cross training the voice in multiple genres—her favorites are classical and musical theatre! Toni is a lyric soprano and has performed in various opera productions. Some of her favorite roles include Dido in Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, Donna Elvira in Mozart’s Don Giovanni, and Fairy Godmother in Viardot’s Cinderella.


When she’s not singing or teaching, Toni can be found going to concerts and comedy shows, or at home posting videos of her pet rabbit, Pumpkin “Punky” Spice Richardson, on the internet. Most importantly, Toni is thrilled to be joining Wylie ISD and can’t wait to help your students achieve all their singing goals!

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